Just as today’s blog topic suggests…one of our co-founders has always been intrigued and infatuated by random tiny objects. So in honor of this, today we bring you ALL THINGS tiny! 🙂

Over the last few days we’ve been working on a stop motion production project for our upcoming crowdfunding video. We’ve been using tiny objects that have accumulated around the home, office and studios due to a tiny hoarding hobby.

Image: goodspero tiny production goodspero-tiny-production-piggy-blueprints goodspero-tiny-production-set

goodspero-tiny-production-stop-motionThere’s just something so endearing about tiny objects, we can’t get enough. Earlier this week we watched an AWESOME documentary called We The Tiny House People.  It was literally about a bunch of people around the world that prefer to live in tiny houses. You may have heard the term “minimalist”…well these folks are our minimalist heroes!  The tiny house people have encouraged us to get rid of all the extra clutter we keep around FOR NO REASON other than we’re HOARDERS of THINGS!!!  Looks like we may need a smaller place. Hmmm…that’s a new one. 😉  Well, whatever your thoughts…check out the doc and all the tiny yet awesome places these people are living and let us know what you think! Should Goodspero go tiny? We think so.

just some more tiny things we think you’ll love…
Image: Tiny Nail Landscape - Alice Bartlett

image: tiny camera

image: tiny cam

image: tiny book




Keep a tiny eye out for our stop motion crowdfunding production coming soon!  Oh! And if you have tiny objects you’d like used in the video, feel free to send them our way!  We’re in the Houston area but tiny things can be shipped easily & cheaply! 🙂 Shoot us a message or reply with a comment below if you have a tiny object to donate to the cause! *Crowdfunding proceeds support educational resources and books for children in El Salvador and tiny objects received will also be donated to the kiddos when we take a trip there this August 2013. *Many thanks!*

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