We’ve OFFICIALLY LAUNCHED our Indiegogo campaign!!!

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It’s officially Day 1 of our crowdfunding campaign, The BIGGEST Crowdfund for Education EVER! on Indiegogo!  We’re ecstatic about the next 30 days of nonstop community awareness about the need for access to books and educational resources, especially in extreme poverty areas around the world!  This is only the beginning and we’re SO excited to be sharing it with all of you! Thank you for all of your ongoing support and PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE check out our page and the video we created for this campaign and SHARE SHARE SHARE with your friends! 

We’d also like to share a special guest post from one of Goodspero’s most enthusiastic and passionate founding advisors, Jaymes Baassiri, in Wyoming. From day one, Jaymes has been researching up on our cause and the need for access to education around the world to empower girls and women and alleviate poverty through education. 

Image: John Wood, Room to Read
John Wood, Room to Read

First he started picking up the books we were reading, like Leaving Microsoft to Change the World, a book by John Wood, founder of Room to Read, who quit his job as the Marketing Director of Microsoft to start a nonprofit building libraries in some of the most underresourced areas of the world.

Then Jaymes started calling us with stories and strategies and needless to say, he’s been fired up about taking ACTION! 🙂  So without further delay…we introduce you to Jaymes, who wanted to share this message with you folks:

Image: Jaymes Baassiri

My money is where my mouth is.

I believe in the education of women and children to escape from poverty and cyclic destitution.

$20 is a nice meal out in town and tip. Four beers at a bar. A dress shirt to impress the boss. Date movie tickets.  (or you can put it here: http://igg.me/at/Goodspero/x/3225175)

It feels like our whole generation has been told we can’t fix this. Yes we fucking can.

Or we will put such a moon sized crater of effort, such a fight, that we’ll smile when we remember how many people were touched.

That may sound over the top. Think of one life changed by education when one was not available before. Now think of schools and libraries being planted as seeds in a community that the world has swept past.  With money, they have pulled themselves up. With money, they have changed their destiny.

I invite you to read the lives affected by Room to Read. These butterfly ripples that we start from our end cascade and avalanche into changed lives, hearts, and smiles. This is a per-packaged network that has accountability and scalability demonstrated already. 

Give a gift of education and literacy, new worlds and thoughts, to less fortunate souls.
*Note: Room to Read’s founder, John Wood, was referred to us by one of our many mentors at the University of Houston’s Wolff Center for Entrepreneurship, Dr. John Demartini, last February 2012. Since then we have learned so much from John Wood and his organization through his books, his transparent operations posted on their site, through back and forth e-mails, his public presentations, and even late night drinks when he stopped by Houston on his latest book tour. We owe much thanks to John & RTR! 🙂

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