1 Year Wedding & Literacy Campaigns Anniversary! + Crowdfundraising w/ Neighborhood Centers & Univision Radio!

UPDATE #4 – WEEK 4! This past week marked our 1 year wedding anniversary!  This also marks the day we launched our literacy campaigns for education with the help of all of our friends and family—on our wedding day!

Image: Wedding-Anniversary-Goodspero-Pre-launch Image: Wedding Anniversary Collage Tribute - Goodspero Indiegogo Update


It all started with your help and we’ve come all this way with your continued support! We love you all, thank you!! We spent the week preparing for Saturday’s Crowdfundraising / Hispanic Community Panel event…


A HUGE HUGE shout out to our AMAZING team who made this event possible! Leah, Norma & Valeria who were ON IT aaaall week! They made all the decorations and set up/cleaned up the venue, brought materials and they even rounded up all the sponsors who contributed items for the raffle and decor!

We also want to thank our video team, Donicc, Rolando & Alejandro for capturing all these moments on film for us and for shutting down the house at the end of the night. Thank you all!!!!

We had a great panel discussion led by Angela Blanchard, President and CEO of Neighborhood Centers and Nelson Vanegas, Production Director of Univision Radio, Houston. They each talked about what their organizations were doing online and in the community. We’re so grateful that they shared their insights with us!

Image: Crowdfunding Panel - Angela Blanchard - Neighborhood Centers - Nelson Vanegas - Univision Radio

Also, check out the “I Am For Good” campaign at www.iamforgood.org where you can see all the great things people are doing for our communities and where YOU can upload what YOU do good. 🙂

image: Neighborhood Centers -  iamforgood.org campaign

And here’s to our event sponsors!!

Image: Platform Houston logoImage: Texas Tamale Company - Houstonimage: chavelita's salsa - houstonImage: Lovely Cakes by LindaImage: Cupcakery ChixImage: Custom Prints by Issac Ike Rodriguez Art StudioImage: Texas Art Supply - Montrose - HoustonImage: Seacret Skin Care - Alexandria SalinasImage: Bling Fairies - HoustonImage: Texas Teacher and Parent Art Supply - Pasadena, TX

At the event, one of our team members, Vale also showed us a little something from one of her 10 year old friends who heard about our campaign and wanted to do something to help! 🙂 Here’s what she made:

image: goodspero indiegogo campaign - 10 year old contribution


And while we’re at it with the doodling contributions…our other team mate extraordinaire, Leah made a few doodles throughout the week too! 😉

Goodspero - doodle - Leah Singer - Valeria Bernadac - Jessica Bolanos

Image: Goodspero doodle - Leah Singer Instagram

Image: Goodspero - Leah Singer doodle - Instagram

Leah girl…I’ve said it once & I’ll say it again…you’re a bOss! 😀


IMAGE: GOODSPERO Indiegogo Crowdfund Update - Contributor List of Awesomeness

We’re inching our way to our goal…but this is the final push now people!! Only a few days left!! To celebrate & to help in the final push, join us at the Nouveau Antique Art Bar in Houston this Thursday, August 14th, 2013 from 6:30pm-midnight! & Don’t forget to bring the most hilarious prop you can think of for the photo booth! 🙂

We’re also going to have children’s books set out for everyone to take home for the child(ren) in your lives in exchange for contributions to our campaign on Indiegogo. See you there!

Image: Goodspero-Indiegogo-Crowdfund-Drinks-for-Books-Houston

Image: Goodspero-Indiegogo-Crowdfund-Fundraiser-Houston-Drinks-for-Books

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