What You Helped Accomplish for Youth’s Education + Perks!

Helllooooo Goodspero-ians!!


So this crowdfunding stuff…amazing experience.

Although we didn’t make it to our original goal, we did round up enough funds to impact plenty of lives.
We also connected with an amazing number of individuals, groups, organizations and some strangers who’ve since become our friends and allies on the quest to help recycle books to under resourced areas.

Our original goal was to raise $200,000 and we got to about 3% of that goal. (…or 61% of the updated goal posted on our campaign, which ended up being $10,000). So what we did was take the same percentages we had allocated for each item in the original budget…and we allocated that same percentage to the actual amount that was raised…which was $6,110. So here’s what that broke down to….


We raised enough funds to sponsor 1 girl to complete secondary school through Room to Read’s girl’s education programs. We’re also in the process of establishing a small version of 1 classroom library in El Salvador…. where we’re headed next month for what’ll be Goodspero’s 2nd project abroad.

With your help, we’re recycling about 185-200 books to youth in Colombia and El Salvador…we’re in the process of working out a deal with foreign local bookshops and publishers.

And the final remaining funds (after PayPal & Indiegogo take their cut) will help us with the production of our documentary film.


For the 42 of you who claimed the Photo Collage of $10 ballers perk, we need you to go to Goodspero’s Facebook Page at http://www.facebook.com/goodspero…and post the photo of your choice that you want us to include in the collage…onto our wall. **& don’t forget to tell us the name you used to contribute to our indiegogo campaign so we can verify it’s you.** ☺ If for some reason you have any trouble doing this…please reach out to us online or by posting a comment under our final campaign update YouTube video.

For the 29 of you who claimed the Early Sneak Peek pre-release of our finalized documentary film, as described in the perk description, we expect to wrap up our documentary next August, 2014 and will e-mail you when it’s ready for viewing at the email you provided. If you’re one of the clever people who contributed using a bogus e-mail, shoot us a message online or again…post a comment under this YouTube video.

Same deal goes for the 19 folks who claimed the Private Screening Tickets perk…we’ll e-mail you the invitation to the screening at the e-mail you provided. Phony e-mailers…hit us up online with the correct address.

For the 10 people who claimed the Skype call perk, you’ll also get the email with the screening tickets but feel free to claim your Skype call anytime by sending us a message online via Goodspero’s Facebook page, this YouTube channel, or by leaving a comment on our website at http://www.goodspero.com.

And last but not least, for the amazingly generous Executive Producer sponsor of our documentary film…we definitely owe you a lunch date. We’ll be in touch SOON!

That’s about it for now folks…we want to thankeveryone who helped us throughout our campaign. To everyone who pitched in even at the $1 level, you’re awesome and shout out to those who contributed by sharing our campaign with your social networks, friends, family and co-workers!

And to Goodspero’s campaign team!! Jaymes, Leah, Norma, Valeria, Donicc, Jessica, Lauren, Edgar, Warren & Paul and the rest of Goodspero’s Facebook team: Rolando, Alejandro, Alex, Mario, Alicia and everyone else who shared and spread the word online!!

So what’s next?….THERE’S SO MUCH MORE COMING. Stay tuned…this is only the beginning!!

…& finally, we leave you with the FINAL list of awesomeness…

Celine D.
Elodie G.
Sophie L.
Darlene B.
Mary R.
Aaron C.
Mallory @ The Refinery
Julia L.
Jens R.
Jennie H.
Luc P.
Ivette R.
Hamza A.

Manny A.
Claudio & Pam
Margaret A.
Ashley R.
Aracely N.
Selena R.
Brisia N.
Edgar G.
Battle Drag
Armando G.


image: Goodspero Indiegogo Crowdfund Update 6 Video

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