360 VR Joint Venture: Watermelon Digital Co.

watermelon-digital-co-houston-360-vr-video-logo-croppedWe’re excited to announce that this week we officially began a new chapter in digital storytelling alongside some very dear friends of ours over at Wonky Power Records. We’ve combined our visual, audio, music, art and digital powers to form a joint venture: Watermelon Digital Co. Together we’re working on creating immersive, 360 degree, virtual reality experiences to give you access into spaces you’ve never been, to see, hear and feel things like never before. This is the beginning of a new medium, much like the beginning of film…and we’re jumping in head first to lead the way in where virtual reality will take the world.

What better way to explain what this all means than by sharing this TED talk by Chris Milk, a pioneer in VR, someone we look up to and are inspired by. (Chris is the founder and CEO of the virtual reality company Within, formerly Vrse.)


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