What does Goodspero do?

We bridge brands to authentic connections with diverse communities through video production and digital / social media content creation. Our outcome-based approach to storytelling increases visibility, engages and inspires action from audiences, and builds capacity for teams.

We create, consult, train, and support C-Suites and CEOs on all things video, social media, online branding & presence. We capture & create high-quality content, produce videos, edit videos, record event video (virtual, in person, and hybrid), provide social media content support for events, and facilitate capacity building through educational and professional development workshops for teams and organizations.

What type of content do you typically produce?

Our team has 20+ years of experience in producing B2B videos and content in the social impact, tech, startup and entrepreneurial ecosystems. Our 2 decades of experience includes broadcast, digital, and marketing expertise in writing, recording, multimedia content creation, mass media production, and social media marketing.

Our creative team is ready to help develop or fully flesh out a concept, collaboratively develop a script, and come up with a storyboard/outline that serves as the blueprint for producing your video(s). If you have all of the pre-production covered, we can jump in during the production and/or post-production phase when you're ready to start recording and editing.

Who have we worked with?

The Wolff Center for Entrepreneurship in the Bauer College of Business at the University of Houston, Univision, Softeq, TEDxHouston, TEDxHoustonWomen, TEDxYouth@Houston, YES Prep, BakerRipley, Johnson & Johnson Innovation | JLabs at Texas Medical Center Accellerator (TMCx), Nike, HuffPost, Uforia Music, Good Reason Houston, Dream Big Ventures, Culinary Institute Lenotre, Lionbridge, Fat Cat Productions, Wonky Power, Legendary, Axelrad, LINK Houston, Impact Hub Houston, Legacy Community Health, The Salvation Army, Workforce Solutions, Volunteer Houston, BakerRipley Houston Turkey Trot, Culture Pilot, Clinton Global Initiative University, Creative Mornings Houston, Houston in Action, Histrionix, Instafuel, 10e5, La Fogata Colombian Restaurant, The Frontier, SURGE, Fay School, YAWP Records, Just Add Beats, NALCO Champion, IRG Image Resouces, MESH Creative, Team One, Design Good, MaRS, Creative Vida, Houston Association of Hispanic Media Professionals, Houston Hispanic Forum, MCUD, FM Kitchen & Bar

Who owns Goodspero?

Goodspero is a majority Woman-owned and Latinx-owned company co-founded and operated by Jessica Bolaños and Nelson Vanegas. Prior to starting Goodspero, they co-founded and ran EEMedia (a multimedia marketing agency) and TTMR Studios (a music & audio production recording studio). Before partnering to start their own businesses, Nelson worked as Creative Production Director at Univision in Houston, Texas for 10 years and Jessica worked as an independent contractor for marketing agencies across the U.S.

Video Production

What types of video products and services are available?

Documentary Videos, Informational Videos, Educational Videos, Brand Videos, Company Profil Videos, About Us Videos, Social Media Videos, Corporate Videos, Website Videos, Event Recap Videos, Instructional Videos, Video Business Cards, Digital Ads, Social Media Ads, TV Broadcast, TV Commercials, OTT “over-the-top”, Web Series, Campaign Videos, Promotional Videos, Internal Videos, Training Videos, Testimonial Videos, Explainer Videos, Fundraising Videos, Tutorial Videos, How-to-videos, FAQ Videos, Webinar Videos, Video Voicemails, Sales Presentation Videos,

Video Production, Event Video Production, Hybrid Event Production, Pre-Production, Post-Production, Recording, Video Editing, Video Streaming, Live Streaming, Multicasting, Pre-Recording, Mobile Video Content Capture, Video Consulting, Video Workshops, Video Training

How much does a video cost?

The cost to produce a video can vary greatly and depends on several factors including # of filming days, equipment needed, location, the complexity of editing, animation, graphics & motion graphics, voiceovers, length of the final video, length of raw/unedited content we need to review/edit, music licensing, language & translations, captions & subtitles, # of total videos, drone footage, stock footage, expedited delivery, whether you’ll be publishing your video on social media or for TV broadcast, and other factors.

Check out our quote calculator to get a better estimate of what your unique video project may cost.

Do you live stream?

Yes. We live stream in-person, virtual, and hybrid events. We also help with pre-recording (virtually and in-person) and editing video(s) before events for speakers that cannot attend live and/or to minimize the risk of technical issues during live events, especially for speakers in areas without a strong internet connection, for intros, promos, etc.

Do you do event video production?

Yes, our creative team and specialized partners can take care of all of your event video production needs, including:

  • Event video recording
    • Creating videos and video elements before your event
    • Live streaming video
    • Recording video during your event for future use
  • Event social media management
    • Content capture
    • Content creation
    • Live publishing
    • Live community management

What’s the turnaround time for editing a video?

Depending on the complexity of editing for the project, we can typically deliver the first draft within 1 week from the last recording day, for a video up to 3 minutes in length. Each round of revisions adds 1-2 days. 2 rounds of revisions are included with each editing project. The average turnaround time to edit a short video is about 2-3 weeks. Complex video projects can take 2-3 months.

We also offer expedited delivery. Expedited turnaround times can be as soon as 24hrs, but there are limitations with the complexity, size, and length of the project. Reach out and we can talk through options for your specific case.

Can Goodspero help with concept ideation, scripts, and storyboards?

Yes! We can help with Pre-Production work if you don’t already have a fully fleshed-out idea, script, and/or shot list to help guide your project through the production and post-production process.

Can we use our existing videos?

Yes, we can work with your existing videos, graphics, and/or raw footage

The final video resolution may be dependent on the resolution of the original files

Can we request revisions to a finished product?

Yes, 2 rounds of revisions are included in every video project

Additional rounds of revisions can be requested (typically for $300-$700), depending on the complexity of the requests.

What should I wear for an on-camera interview or a video production shoot?

  • Wear something you feel confident in
  • Wear clothing or accessories that our video team can clip a small mic to if you have a speaking role (blazers, scarfs, collared shirts, etc. work great)
  • Do not wear colors that closely resemble your skin tone
  • Try to avoid pure white clothing, especially if you’re light complected
  • Avoid tight & busy patterns like narrow stripes or zig-zags
  • Avoid colors that are too bright, especially reds
  • If shooting with a green screen, don’t wear green

Event Production

What’s included in event production?

We can take care of all of your AV (audio/visual) and event production needs for in-person, virtual, and hybrid events, including:

  • Video Production: 
    • Creating videos and video elements before your event
    • Live video for screens at your venue
    • Live streaming production
    • Recording video during your event for future use
  • Sound Production
    • Sound management for stages, MCs, and speakers
    • Live sound management for bands and entertainers
    • Speakers, mics, subwoofers, mixing consoles, cables, etc.
  • Staging
    • Mobile concert stages
      • 13.12ft x 26.24ft (4 panels)
      • 19.68ft x 39.36ft (6 panels)
      • 26.24ft x 52.48ft (8 panels)
      • 32.8ft x 65.6ft (10 panels)
      • Adjustable mobile stage panel 1m x 2m (3.28ft x 6.56ft), Adjustable height 27" - 39" @ $250/panel
  • Lighting
    • Stage lighting
    • Video lighting setup
    • Uplighting
  • Event Photography
  • Live Music & Entertainment: multicultural bands, DJs, trios, dancers, MCs

Do you offer event coordination services?

No, unfortunately, we do not.

Can you help us find a venue for our event?

We're happy to suggest venues to hold your event/production but recommend hiring an event coordinator for that. ;)

Digital | Social

Do you offer social media management?

We only offer Event Social Media Management support for events. This can include

  • prepping, priming, and publishing across your social media accounts for a specific event or series of events
  • engaging with partners, speakers, attendees, media, and other users/followers regarding content related to the event
  • graphic design for digital flyers and social media assets for your event

How do you support our social media efforts during our events?

We can support your social media efforts for an event by:

  • Working with your team on a social media game plan for your event
  • Priming your social media accounts for your event
    1. Identifying, following & engaging with key accounts
    2. Updating social media accounts accordingly
    3. Social SEO
  • Capturing mobile video & photo content during the event
  • Publishing & engaging with followers during your event
    1. as your brand representatives
    2. as chat moderators
    3. by sharing, re-tweeting, reposting, tagging, etc.
  • Going live on social media from your event (if a strong internet connection is available at the venue/location)

Workshops / Capacity Building

What type of workshops, professional development sessions, and training do you offer?

We’re always updating our list of workshops and sessions to keep up with the latest market trends and relevant changes in the video and digital landscape. Below are some of our most recent popular topics. We also develop custom sessions based on organizational needs and knowledge levels for beginners and advanced professionals:

  • AI Tools for Marketing
  • Online Branding for Business: brand guides, logos, color palettes, voice, marketing personas/audiences, social platforms
  • Personal Online Branding for Professionals: CEOs, brand ambassadors, managing profiles, goals, strategies, personal online brand audits
  • Social Media Best Practices: Picking the right channels, post frequency, documenting > creating, providing value
  • Content Creation: Video content, content strategy, working with what you have, tips, apps
  • Insights & Analytics: KPIs, Metrics, LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, X/Twitter, Insights & Analytics
  • Video Editing: Editing platforms, workflows, tips, cool apps
  • Video Ads + Video SEO: Video ad platforms, Google/YouTube ads, TikTok ads, IG & FB ads, video SEO best practices
  • Video Storytelling:
  • Photography for Social Media: Mirrorless cameras
  • Mobile Photography: Mobile photography best practices, apps, shooting in manual mode, hardware for your phone, and free resources
  • And other platform-specific sessions like Instagram for Business, Facebook for Business, LinkedIn for Professionals