Our Peeps

To all the people and organizations who have worked and continue to work alongside our team, learn with us, mentor us and dare to continue creating relevant, new tech and digital opportunities with us: YOU’RE AWESOME.



image: UXCine logoimage: KUHF Houston Public Radio logo

image: houston chronicle logo

image: kpft-90.1-pacifica-houstonimage: CGIU-Clinton Global Initiative University logoimage: spoiledlatina.com

image: sjl modeling & promotionsimage: El Gato Media Network - The Venture logo

image: catch fever music logoimage: gateway to the globeimage: rags to riches musica logo

image: electric attitude musicimage: arriba las manos logo



image: goodspero crowdfund recognitionto all the people who contributed to our Indiegogo campaign
image: indiegogoCrowdfund for Books – Micro-libraries Project
Thank you to all contributors!

Silvio & Silvia, Maria, Warren & Alex, SJL Modeling & Promotions, Tattiana, Kylie & Molly, Sajeev, Paul, SpoiledLatina.com, Nadja, doctorV8, Laura, Evident Empire Media, @fancycapitalist, Leah, Dustin, Amanda, Alex, Anonymous, HOB, Guy, Pandafulmanda, Andre, Grace, T, Corinne, William, Mami & Papi, Dalia, Burbina, Norma, Katia, David, Irene, Anonymous, Lily, Ted, Rishel, Zach, @armenarmen., Norma, Stephanie, Edgar, Valarie, Valeria, anonymous, theshortness, jc, Donald, Rob, Melissa, F. Aguirre, Adolfo, Casey, the Salinas’, Charolette, Jonn, Adam, Anna, Rishel, Manny, @world4alex, Liana, Mario & Norma, SJL, Yvonne – SpoiledLatina.com, Nour, Fridas, Cafe.com, Ted, Justin, Dr. Sophia & her Mom, Paula, Mary M., Lucero C, depjohnson, Richard, Carmen C., Alison L, blingblingbj, Anonymous, Mayra G, Josh & Sherry T, Steven B, Idolina, Renzo H, Trycia N, Jalisa, Cesar, Silvio & Silvia, Justin, jw_enterprise, Dan, Evelyn, Warren H, Rocio, Liz, wolfiebrain, Zach, Munir & Nour, Vik, Mohamad, Momna, Hector & Erika, West Alabama Animal Clinic, Reid D, Maria G, Erica L, Alex C, Ajay, Edgar, Valeria, Paula, Shane M, Laura C., Andrew H, Jacob H, Sandra aka gremlin88, Roman, Adam A, Crosby N, mpolo216, Milan M, Celine D, silo, Harsha, jj_vikings, Elodie G, Anonymous, Sophie L, Darlene B, Mary R, Aaron C, Mallory @ The Refinery, frozen_ninja, Dave, Julia L, Jens R, shilohgirl87, Jennie H, Anonymous, Anonymous, Luc P., PaxRyan, Tiffany, Ivette R, manjuladlk, Hamza A, Anonymous, Manny A, Claudio & Pam, UXCine, Anonymous, Margaret A, Ashley R, Anonymous, rash93_03, Aracely N, ahidee, Selena R, kahndees, Brisia N, Edgar G, Anonymous, joramos3, Battle Drag, Armando G



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