January 19, 2023

The Power of Video in Raising Awareness: 8 Types of Videos

Video has become an increasingly powerful tool in raising awareness for organizations and initiatives. Whether it’s through social media, online advertising, or traditional broadcast, video has […]
November 5, 2022
Screenshot image of a virtual zoom meeting - WCE class of 2020

46+ Moments of the Global Pandemic— as Told by Goodspero’s Google Business Calendar

A Dated Timeline of 2020 Events from traveling to Spain for a Video Production to COVID-safe Virtual Video & Editing from Home. Author: Jessica Bolaños Vanegas, […]
June 24, 2016

360 VR Joint Venture: Watermelon Digital Co.

  We’re excited to announce that this week we officially began a new chapter in digital storytelling alongside some very dear friends of ours over at […]
March 10, 2014

“An Exchange of Ideas” + Successful Collabo

  Author: Leah J. SingerCh-ch-changesssss are-a happening ’round these Goodspero parts and is certainly a dream come true for all the Type A personality types out […]
May 28, 2013
Behind the scenes photo inside the KUHF News radio studio - Host Andrew Schneider interviewing Goodspero Co-Founder, Jessica Bolanos

KUHF Interview, Crowdfunding, and Educational Tours…galore!

Happy Memorial Day!!!  Heads up! We’ve had a busy couple of weeks. Let us catch you up real quick! First stop: Goodspero visits the KUHF 88.7 […]
May 7, 2013
Goodspero Founder, Jessica Bolanos, wearing a Wolff Center for Entrepreneurship dark blue blazer inside the UH library, with red lights lighting the books

University of Houston Bauer College Student Spotlight: Jessica Bolaños, Goodspero

Published: Apr 23, 2013 “See how Bauer College of Business senior Jessica Bolaños is using the skills she’s acquired through the college’s Wolff Center for Entrepreneurship […]